Monday, August 6, 2012


 This Sunday, I was getting ready to lead the music at the front of the chapel just as the prelude music was ending, when I once again took notice of the empty bench that Haven was saving for our family.  I had come early with Dallin and Haven.  Jeff and the younger kids were just minutes behind us, but they had not yet arrived.

Then it hit me.  I had taken Jeff’s keys, since I was driving his car, but had not left my own keys behind.  It was possible there was a spare he could use, but I wasn’t sure, and that empty bench seemed to call out otherwise.

I felt terrible as I envisioned my family stranded at home-- all dressed up with no place to go.  I considered darting from the chapel and racing home to get them, but no, it was time for the opening hymn.  After the song, I once again considered making a quick getaway, but before I could act, it was time for the next hymn.  I led that song too, then raced outside to check my phone-- a message.  From Harrison.

 “Oh, hi, Mom?  Do you think you could bring us some keys so we could get to church?  Ok, thanks, bye.”  Funny kid. 

I called, no answer.

I drove home.  The house was empty.

I did notice Lydia’s sandals were on the stairs, and the umbrella stroller was gone, but not the double stroller.  They were walking.  Even Lydia.

I drove the route I thought they would take, but didn’t find them.  I drove back along a slightly different route.  Still, no luck. 

Finally, after a short prayer, they appeared up the road in front of me, about a mile and a half from home-- a beautiful family in their Sunday best-- Lydia in tennis shoes and socks.

I helped them get loaded in the car while I apologized to them for taking their keys.  They cheerfully commented that they got to eat blackberries, and Lydia said, “You rescued us!” 

They were a pretty cheerful group for having spent the last thirty minutes on a long, hot walk.  Incidentally, today Jeff took my two booster seats in his car to work. 

“Ha ha, we’ll see how she likes this!”

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Tiffanie said...

I've done that too! But it was just corey at home without kids and he didn't have as far to walk, so I didn't rescue him but did wonder why he was late and felt bad when we had a chance to talk and he sweetly informed me I had his keys, doh!